Five Joys of Travel: Part 1


I really should have started blogging when I was in Korea and traveling so often. Now that I’m back home though, I’m going to start a five-part series of entries in an attempt to encapsulate my experiences and summarize what I love about travel. I don’t mean to completely glamourize travel though – it can be hard work, sometimes boring, and even pretty rough sometimes. But all the ups and downs and the love and hate are just part of the journey, and it’s definitely more amazing than not. I definitely hope to travel more in the future.

These are just snapshots of my travel joys~


♡ EAT.
I love trying new foods!
A large part of traveling is exploring different cultures, and with that, different cuisines. I have a huge appreciation for food, but if you asked me about anything I’ve eaten, I will almost always answer vaguely that I don’t know what’s in it and it tastes good. That’s pretty much the sad extent of my culinary vocabulary. I’m not at all a picky eater and I’m always down to try local dishes, desserts, and delicacies!

I like to think I’m an adventurous eater. Among the more unusual things I’ve tried are beondegi (silkworm larvae), tamiloc (mangrove worm), balut (duck embryo), cricket, scorpion, seahorse, pig’s feet, chicken feet, snake, crocodile, and ostrich. I’ve also had raw egg in iced coffee, kopi luwak (weasel poop coffee), bird’s nest (or bird spit), and banana wine. One of the most interesting snack foods I’ve encountered is the penis-shaped corn dogs in one of the nights markets of Taipei. Haha. Of all the things I’ve tried though, I’m probably least likely to go for durian again. Blech. I’ll also probably never find myself able to eat dog or live octopus.

Adventure-eating aside, I’m a huge dessert lover! I get especially excited about all things chocolate, green tea, and peanut butter. The green-tea flavoured Kit Kat bars in Japan are pretty high on my list of greatest things ever. :D

I tried scorpion and seahorse for the first time down Wangfujing Street in Beijing, China.

Scorpion and seahorse in Beijing, China.

Eating tamiloc in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Eating tamiloc in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Sweet and savoury crepes from "I [heart] Repe" in Daegu, South Korea.

Sweet and savoury crepes from “I <3 Repe” (I kid you not) in Daegu, South Korea.

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to food and travel, but I always find the travel experience more fulfilling when I can enjoy a different culinary culture. It’s exciting! Eating can be an intimate and sharing experience, and it’s an awesome way to gain appreciation for and partake in another culture, or even your own. My cooking (non)talent doesn’t extend much beyond improv cooking, but I’ve attended cooking classes in South Korea and in Thailand that I’ve really enjoyed and have deepened my enthusiasm for some good eats across any conceived cultural boundaries.

I really think being open-minded about food always translates a little bit into being open-minded in general about different cultures and new experiences. So have an appetite for a little adventure and food! It can be highly rewarding. :)

Part 1: Eat | Part 2: SleepPart 3: MeetPart 4: DoPart 5: See


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