Taste of the Danforth


I got back last night from the first of a three-day long street festival called Taste of the Danforth (aka, My Own Personal Episode of Man Vs. Food). This is a predominantly Greek culture and food-oriented festival that takes place in the Greektown of Toronto.

This year was my first time attending with my friend, Kim. We ate, walked, ate, watched a performance, ate, got excited for freebies, and ate some more. Good times! :D

Quail and intestine~

Quail and intestine~

It was SO CROWDED. Kim and I arrived right as things started at 6pm and things were already getting busy. We left just past 9:30pm and it was sheer mayhem! It was a lively atmosphere though and we had some great eats and a lot of fun catching up.


Delicious $3 pork souvlaki!

From Chester station, Kim and I picked a direction and started walking. The first thing I tried was Astoria Shish Kebob House‘s pork souvlaki. I’m a huge fan of this one. The only problem was that it made me feel full pretty quickly, but I was still determined to try as much other food as possible!

$2 oyster that "tastes like the ocean~"

$2 oyster that “tastes like the ocean~”

It was Kim’s first time trying oyster! The vendors yelled out, “Oyster virgin! Oyster virgiiiiin!” in chorus at her. Haha.


$5 for 5 perogies with sour cream.

Chicken gyros being made.

Chicken gyros being made.

Our main dish and clearly the star of the festival is Messini Authentic Gyros. The line-up was massive and included purchasing a ticket before lining up again to get your food. A lot of shuffling people around, but I think the staff handled the chaos really well.


Amazing $5 chicken gyros.

It was so well worth the wait. The tzatziki sauce alone was awesome! Way too big for either of us to finish though, and too greasy and drippy to be able to save for later. :(


$2.50 spinach pie.

After watching a performance and walking around a little more, Kim and I forced ourselves to be ready for more food. I got this spinach pie from Athens Pastries.


Butterbeer on tap ($8 including souvenir mug), YAY!

I have no more words about this. Haha.


$2 macarons – chili chocolate and spicy vanilla! :D

Gah, sorry about the blurry picture! Anyway, anyone who knows me knows about my insatiable sweet tooth, so right after butterbeer came macarons! I originally intended to get gelato or Greek froyo, but it was getting too cold in the evening and I was so stuffed. These macarons were a perfect cap to the evening’s eating adventures.


We stopped by and enjoyed a couple of stages and street performers.

It was a great night! I wish we could have tried more things (quail! flaming cheese! anything lamb! just more exclamation marks!), but we just didn’t have the stomach space. Apparently there’s supposed to be roasted pineapple that I definitely would have wanted, but unfortunately I don’t recall seeing it! Might have to do this again another time, or at least visit the Danforth outside of festival time.


2 responses to “Taste of the Danforth

  1. Sounds like so much fun. Messini happens to be my favourite gyros place there.

    The family and I are thinking of going tomorrow! Thank you for all of the food ideas!

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