Five Joys of Travel: Part 4


Another joy of travel: being pushed to do new things. Korea alone was a lot of new firsts for me. I flew a kite for the first time. Teehee. I also ran in my first race, went ATV-ing, hiking, zip-lining, did a temple stay, made pottery, set lanterns on a river and into the sky, went to a mud festival, played in norae(singing)/DVD/multi-bangs (bang meaning “room”), and caught fish with my bare hands in Korea.


♡ DO.
I’m not that athletic or thrill-seeking, but I do like to try new things at least once. Among the highlights in my travels were bungee jumping off a bridge in the Korean DMZ (done through Adventure Korea), parasailing and cliff jumping at Ariel’s Point in Boracay, scuba diving around coral reef and WWII shipwrecks in Coron, and bathing elephants and mountain biking in Chiang Mai (mountain biking – never again for me. So much hurt. :|).

Another love/hate must-do activity for travelers: planning. It can be so frustrating, so rewarding (both not all the time). And things will always, always come up – but unexpected surprises and misadventures don’t all have to be bad, and a lot just has to do with flexibility and attitude. I guess it’s character-building. :P Some travelers like their itineraries to be more planned out and secure than others. Just stay safe! It’s all part of the experience~

Zip-lining in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Zip-lining in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Handweaving in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Participating in the local industry of handweaving in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Paddling/struggling in a bamboo basket boat in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Paddling (struggling) in a basket boat in Hoi An, Vietnam.

All this being said, I’m happy to spend the great majority of my time traveling doing more low-key things. I’m perfectly content to sit in a cafe and drink in the good vibes of a city, read/write/nap in the sunlight on a hammock, or roam around on a photo-walk. Wandering around a new place is probably my favourite thing to do! Unfortunately, I’m severely directionally-challenged and get lost all the time, but I’ll still walk for ages just thinking, looking at things, and soaking it in.

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