Running Recap: A Midsummer Night’s Run 2013


A group of friends and I ran A Midsummer Night’s Run on Toronto Island yesterday. The event is hosted in support of the Rheumatology Clinic at Sick Kids Hospital. It was my first ever 15km race!

My race kit! A long-sleeved running shirt, race instructions and course map, a running bib and timechip, and ferry ticket to the Islands.

My race kit! A long-sleeved running shirt, race instructions and course map, a running bib and timechip, and ferry ticket to the Islands.

First of all, let me just say I’m not a hardcore runner or athlete, and I’m slow. Haha. I got into running through some of my friends while I lived in South Korea. There, I ran my first 5k and two 10k races (the first at 1:04 and the next at 1:01). My running pace is probably the average person’s leisurely-jog-through-the-park, but that hasn’t stopped me so far in enjoying the zen and strain of the training process, and the incredibly infectious energy of being at a running event. :D



Anyway, A Midsummer Night’s Run!  What can I say? I didn’t really plan to get back into running races again, but almost anything related to my man, the bard, will get my attention. :) I had to run in this event. Totally should have dressed up in fairy wings and a tutu though! It would have completed the magical Shakespearean scene of running through some forestry. Maybe next year~


On the ferry (“fairy” for a day) with the group of mortals I dragged into signing up for the run with me. Haha.

My friends and I hopped on a ferry to the Islands. The 5km race started at 5:00pm, the 30k at 5:30pm, and the 15k started at 5:45pm. Three signed up for the 5k race and three of us opted for 15k. It was the first race for all but two of us, and I think everyone really enjoyed the experience! I actually hope we get to do more runs together. :)


Pre-race: me with my running mate, Stella!

My friend Stella is the one who first told me about this race. We’re old friends from high school and new running buddies. We had done two practice 15km runs before this race. It’s been pretty awesome because we’re of similar stature and have the same running pace, and we can chat or just quietly enjoy our surroundings and each other’s company and the art of the run, etc., etc, during our training sessions.


The 15km route and some stats on how my run went. Click to enlarge.

I finished with a chip time of 1:31:23. Whee~ I really wish I got under an hour and a half, but I got a cramp with less than 2km left and choked a bit. :/ It’s an obvious dip in the graph above (courtesy of the app I use, MapMyRun). The 1:30 pace fairy I was hanging around with tried to tell me not to let her beat me. She was fantastic. Still pushed myself pretty hard throughout the run and beat the average time (1:35:41). It’s faster than I thought I’d be, so I’m pretty happy with that. :)

The course itself was nice! It was a little annoying to have to maneuver around quadricyclists and others who were daytripping on the Island, but I think the marshals did a pretty good job overall and people would stop to cheer us on and give high-fives. There isn’t much drastic uphill/downhill which was good, but the terrain varied a lot from pavement, gravel and sand, grass, and a really long and unpleasant rickety bridge. It definitely would have slowed a lot of people down. My friends doing the 5k said they actually saw at least two people trip and fall on the boardwalk section of their course.


CHAMPIONS. Radu, Casandra, Stephanie, Silvan, Stella, and I after all of our races. Solid group of people to do this event with. :)

After collecting our checked bags and freebies (including the heaviest and most elaborately designed finisher’s medal I have to date!) and changing into clean clothes, we proceeded to wait more than an hour in line at the ferry terminal. Eek, it would have been brutal for the 30k runners.


Fish tacos and Caesar salad.

After finally getting off the Island around 10pm, we had a late dinner at The Fox on the Harbourfront. We were tired, but still kind of feeding off a runner’s high. Good times and a great race! :D

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