Food and Fun @ CNE 2013


Last night, a group of friends and I headed to Toronto’s summer annual Canadian National Exhibition, the CNE, held at Exhibition Place. I hadn’t been to the CNE since high school, so this was pretty exciting for me. :D We decided to take advantage of the fair’s “$5 after 5pm” (Mondays-Thursdays) deal, so we met at Union station around 5:30pm and boarded the 509 streetcar towards Exhibition Place. The line-up for the streetcar was really long, but it moved really fast and we got to the CNE just after 6pm.


Steph and Joyce looking at maps. Not like we needed them much – we spent 95% of our time in the Food Building. :P

We were so hungry! The Food Building was too conveniently located right in front of us, and we made our way inside eyeing all the possibilities.


The infamous cronut burger stand all closed down.

Epic Burgers and Waffles: This place has gained some notoriety after the CNE and Toronto Public Health shut the cronut burger stand down after now almost a hundred-something cases of food-related illness. Yikes. My friends and I originally intended to go to the CNE and try this on Monday night, so it turns out we were fortunate in re-scheduling to Thursday and not being able to.

Now for all the fun food~


Taco in a Bag – Doritos chips, ground beef, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños, lettuce, salsa, cheese.

01. Taco in a Bag @ Bouchard’s Poutinery; $6.25.
Our gang of five unanimously loved this. It’s essentially taco ingredients and Doritos chips mixed inside a Doritos bag. I don’t care all that much for Doritos, but I love tacos, and this was really good. Definitely something anyone could try doing at home, too.


Five girls, one bag.


Jalapops – cheesy jalapeño pops with Nutella.

02. Jalapops @ Spread Nutellerie; $8.00.
This was basically the greatest idea ever, and my favourite of the night. I initially felt like it was too expensive (as are all things at these types of events anyway), but I was just so happy eating these that I didn’t even care. My friends could tell I was in bliss and graciously let me have most of it while they worked on the taco in a bag. Would have come back to try the Nutella sweet potato fries if I had the stomach space!


True love. <3


In line at the Mac & Cheesery.

03. Double Bacon Grilled Cheese @ Mac & Cheesery; free~.
I looked up ‘Mac & Cheesery’ online and saw a Mac & Cheeseburger on the menu that I was really excited to check out! This place didn’t have it though so I looked it up again more closely, and the Mac! Mac & Cheesery it turns out is based in Portland and unrelated. Ah, well, my bad.

After some debate, my friends and I decided to get the Cheeseburger Mac. While waiting for our order, we found out they had mistakenly made an extra Double Bacon Grilled Cheese sandwich, and so they called out that the first person to raise their hand would get it for free. My hand went up so fast, haha. The staff was great and cut it up further for the five of us girls to share.

The sandwich was delicious! Peameal bacon and bacon strips with cheddar cheese on French bread~


Double bacon grilled cheese sandwich with chips and a pickle.

04. Cheeseburger Mac @ Mac & Cheesery; $9.00.


Cheeseburger Mac. Grr, this came out so blurry.

We were unfortunately a little less impressed with the Cheeseburger Mac. I didn’t think there was enough ground beef and the cheese was kind of thin and watery. None of us felt very satisfied. We all thoroughly enjoyed the sandwich though, so that redeemed the place for us.


Deep fried cola. It looks like deep fried calamari!

05. Deep Fried Cola; $6.75.
I had never heard of this before, but apparently it’s a fair-thing. It’s basically deep-fried-ness drizzled in icing sugar and coke. The guy asked if we also wanted whipped cream or ice cream and cherries on it, but I really think it would have been overkill for us. I’m glad I tried it and thought it was alright, but I don’t think I’ll find myself actually craving it, ever.


Karen, Joyce, and I trying deep fried cola. Steph and Hellen looked on, disgusted with us.


Just Cone It – food in a pizza crust cone.

06. Spice Cream Cone @ Just Cone It!; $8.50.
Crazy-awesome idea and creatively thought out name! I loved the cold ice cream + spicy hot chili flake combo, and we’ve already established that I’m a sucker for Nutella. I wasn’t a huge fan of the crust-cone though; it’s really doughy and I think I was just getting too full for it. I also could have had more chili flakes and less bacon, but I don’t think my friends really felt the same.


Spice Cream Cone – pizza crust cone with Nutella, vanilla ice cream, bacon bits, and chili flakes.


Deep fried Twix bars.

07. Deep Fried Twix; $6.75.
Another fair staple! I actually only had a small bite of this because I couldn’t deal with any more deep fried. It was more batter-y than anything else to me, but Hellen and Karen said the combination actually ended up being pretty great for them. I’ve had deep fried Oreos and Snickers in the past, but I might try Bacon Nation’s bacon-wrapped deep fried Mars Bar in the future. Game on!


Hellen and Karen enjoying their deep fried Twix bars.


Too full for anything else, we had bubble tea!

08. Strawberry Green Tea Bubble Tea @ Bubble Tea Ocean; $3.95.
Nothing too adventurous to cap off the night~ :)
Steph also got a hot dog and Hellen bought a 99cent taco (neither of them at this place :P).


Passionfruit green tea and strawberry green tea bubble tea.

…And that’s how we spent four hours in the Food Building.

Hellen: “We should go on the rides now just to challenge ourselves! :D”

Haha… wait, really? So at 10pm, we decided to roam around the rest of the fair grounds for another hour. It was perfect weather and not too crowded. I also caught my friend ending her work shift. Steph and Hellen rode the Polar Express and Swinging Ship – they enjoyed the first; the second, not so much. :P Going home, public transit was super easy and efficient. CNE outing success!

Check out Karen’s post about this event!









7 responses to “Food and Fun @ CNE 2013

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  2. Reading your post made me nostalgic for home. Thanks for this great post. A little reminder of home. ^^
    On a “it’s a small world” note… I know Karen! LOL. This is sort of amazing.

    • I first came across your blog on a day I was missing Korea and searched it as a topic on WordPress. It is absolutely CRAZY that we both know Karen! Mind blown. :D

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