Start of School @ Ryerson U

I’m back in school this year, and I just finished my first week of classes. :O (And yes, my class schedule is packed neatly into Monday-Wednesday!)

On Tuesday, I met my friend, Hellen, for a much anticipated lunch date at Sunrise House in Koreatown. Loved the cozy feel and food of this place! A huge plus is that the menu prices are cheap and already include taxes, much like how it is in Korea. Simple joys~ :D


The usual Korean side dishes.


Hellen got a generous portion of gamjatang (pork bone soup).


Deliciousness that is dolsot bibimbap with bulgogi (hot stone pot of a mix or rice, vegetables, beef, and egg). Also served with gochujang (chili paste).


We shared some haemul pajeon (seafood pancake).

We walked off our heavy meal towards the Ryerson University campus. Grad fest activities don’t start until next week for me, but there were things happening all around for the undergrads. It was kind of nostalgic. I’m pretty excited 1) to be a student again, and 2) to be spending time in downtown Toronto again!

My graduate program is a year long and course-placement-research based. I’ll be doing four courses this semester:

IS 8901 – The Canadian Immigration Experience
IS 8903 – Immigration Law, Policies, Politics, Practices
IS 8930 – Race and Ethnicity Relations
IS 8935 – Migration and Language

I then have three courses and placement workshops next semester, and my placement and major research paper (MRP) in the final semester. I’m already pretty amazed at the diversity of personal and academic backgrounds my peers and professors come from. The core content of all of my courses have been interesting so far as well (the readings and workload will obviously get denser really fast, but hopefully not too unmanageable — eek!), and I’m looking forward to seeing where I end up going with all of this.

Things are just getting started; I’m so nervous, so ecstatic.
To new beginnings~! :)


5 responses to “Start of School @ Ryerson U

  1. Mmm, I love that place! Nothing beats cheap and delicious Asian food :)

    I went to Ryerson for Arts and Contemporary Studies, it seemed like a lifetime ago! Your courses around really interesting, all the best! You’ll do great!

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