Patria Restaurant and TIFF2013: Cold Eyes


Friday evening marked my first time going to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The festival started earlier this month and one of the venues is right on my school campus at the Ryerson Theatre. So, these past weeks, I’ve been walking past a red carpet and catching glimpses of foreign celebrities (unfortunately no one I’ve recognized), press people, festival volunteers, and fans.

Anyway, my friend Joyce and I decided to catch up and have dinner first on King Street. We went to Patria, a ritzy Spanish tapas restaurant and bar. It was both our first time there!

Awesome service, classy venue, delicious food. Joyce and I shared the four dishes above and were really satisfied with all of them. My favourite was the dates and hers was between the salad or the lamb chops. It’s on the pricier side (we spent $35 each), but the meal ended up being a good size for us to share and be content. We didn’t order paella for lack of time, but definitely will try that out next time!

Patria on Urbanspoon

We then met my friend, Stella, and made our way to the North American premiere and gala presentation of South Korean action-thriller, Cold Eyes (감시자들), at Roy Thomson Hall.

A high-tech police surveillance team attempts to take down a gang of ruthless bank robbers, in this sizzling South Korean action-thriller.

Such an exciting movie! :D The three of us really enjoyed it. It was more of a blockbustery-type than any other Korean film I’ve seen, though maybe I just haven’t been exposed to a whole lot of Korean action movies. We hung out a bit at the red carpet beforehand, and Stella got to the main line early and managed to snag upgrades for our tickets so that we were on the main floor instead of the balcony – yay! The cast and crew did their introduction and thank-yous before the film started, but sadly there was no Q&A at the end.


Cast and crew at the beginning of the film.

It was also incredibly amusing to see Lee Junho of 2PM and his Korean fangirls at the red carpet and the screening. Haha. He and his English are adorable.

The evening was a lot of fun, and I definitely want to attend more TIFF events in the future. My next one, though not a premiere event, is in… a few hours! D:

Update: Read Joyce’s post about the evening!

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