Travel Throwback: Singapore


By special request, here’s a post on my two-day trip to Singapore. I visited in early October 2012 – almost exactly a year ago! I went over a long weekend with six friends (we visited Kuala Lumpur first). My birthday also happened to fall on our first day there. :D

I think the two most consistent things people will say about Singapore is that it has great food and it’s just so. clean. A lot of the main sightseeing attractions of the city are clumped together in the same area by the bay. The city felt more westernized than any other in Asia that I’ve come across in terms of the space, the greater diversity of people, and that things were expensive, haha.

Here’s a view of our itinerary:

October 01


Wink Hostel: We stayed at this awesome capsule-style dorm hostel in Chinatown. The seven of us managed to snag a room to ourselves which was a lot of fun! It would get pretty crowded with all of our belongings and we were near the entrance which would beep every time someone entered or exited the hostel, but other than those minor annoyances, we had a terrific stay here.


On the balcony~


My cozy sleeping arrangement.

Marina Bay Sands: So beautiful! We kind of regret not splurging on a room here just for one night, but had decided that the time to switch between accommodations wouldn’t be worth it since we were only going to be there for two days. We pretty much spent the great majority of our time in this area though.

We had lunch at a great Brazilian barbecue place in the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre. This marked the second time in a row I had celebrated my birthday with Brazilian barbecue. :D Next, we visited the SkyPark.


There’s an infinity pool at the top of that. :O


Inside the fancy hotel resort!


Shopping Centre in the evening.

Gardens by the Bay: I love this concept and Singapore’s commitment to the environment. This place is enormous, and we weren’t able to explore everything there was. It would have been nice to see this place in the evening, too – we just didn’t have the time!


In front of the famous solar Supertrees!


Inside a tree and upward.




My birthday Supertree martini? :)

Youth Olympic Park: An art park filled with work by local youths.


The Youth Olympic Park and ubiquitous Marina Bay Sands in the background.

Merlion Statue: The walk around to get to this fountain-statue was a lot longer than we had anticipated. Not sure if worth it, haha. The creature itself though has huge symbolic significance in Singapore.


Body of a mer-creature, head of a lion. Merlion.

Night Safari: We made a Night Safari trip to cap off my birthday and our first day in Singapore~ Getting the shuttle to take us here was a little frustrating, but our group all managed to find each other. I didn’t get a single good picture from this since I had to take my flash off, but being THATCLOSE to the animals was pretty amazing. There’s a tram guided tour as well as walking trails that you can do on your own. We did the tram first and did one of the walking trails.


Night Safari time!

October 02

Chinatown: We came to Singapore just after the mid-Autumn Festival, and there were still a lot of decorations and statues around. It’s a pretty lively area!


Near the station in the morning.


Right off the street of our hostel in the evening.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park: We hiked a 5km walking trail – which we shared with monkeys and cross-country training students – to the HSBC TreeTop Walk along a suspension bridge. All of this walking in general and finding our way out took us a lot longer than we hoped it would. We really spent our entire morning here.


Monkeys on the path!


TreeTop Walk.

Singapore Flyer: I don’t particularly care much for Ferris wheels, but this one was really nice. There’s clearly a whole effort in making it a different experience with their rooms of art and information before you actually board. The art concepts reminded me a lot of the Singapore pavilion at the Yeosu World Exhibit. …Guess that would make sense.


Artsy artsy.


View of some awesome buildings and the race track.


View of the roads.

Singapore Food Trail: Located near the Singapore Flyer, this is an outdoor dining area with tons of different food stalls. There’s a street-eats type of feel to it that I love. :)


Some of the food stalls. Not all were open when we went.


First time trying this! I enjoyed it.


Delicious food~ I don’t remember what this is though :(


I actually got this dessert at the food court… SO GOOD. Ice kachang?

Helix Bridge: We walked across this bridge many a time during our stay~ I’m pretty sure I have an entire album of ~artistic~ pictures taken of or from this bridge.


The Helix Bridge – I love the artistry of the architecture present in Singapore.

ArtScience Museum: This is the lotus-flower-shaped building! We visited one of the touring exhibits at the time called Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal.


In the lobby of the ArtScience Museum.

Singapore Changi Airport: Amazing airport. This and Incheon Airport are definitely my favourites in the world (that I’ve gone to so far :D).


Look how friendly the bathrooms are!


The world’s largest kinetic art sculpture at the airport.


2 responses to “Travel Throwback: Singapore

  1. Hehe, I love your photos, Holly! And I can so hear your voice in your writing too. ^_^ I also really enjoyed my visit to Singapore when I was there earlier this year. I loved the Supertrees! I love that picture of you holding the tree like a martini. So creative! And I also wish that I could have stayed at the Marina Bay Sands! And also to swim in their infinity pool too. :)

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