HUSH Restaurant, Bar, and Patio

Some friends and I have signed up for fitness classes in downtown Toronto at Flirty Girl Fitness. Last week, we tried pole-dancing for the first time. Sore biceps and bruised legs the next day, but awesome fun and definitely hope to do again! This week, we went for Caribbean dance cardio: also amazing and pretty intense! I’ll write up more about these classes when we’ve finished our package. ;)

After our class, we headed to Bar Hop Bar for dinner, but were too short on time to wait for available seating. That place is packed every time we walk by it though – it’s going to be a mission to finally get to eat and drink there! Things worked out well enough though because we ended up walking along King Street West and had dinner at HUSH (Restaurant, Bar, & Patio). My friends and I had a pretty good experience here. :)

The place and atmosphere are a little more upscale than we had dressed for considering we weren’t originally planning to come here, but it was all good, haha. Our server, Stacey, was great. Checked up often to refill water, no mistakes with our orders, and she brought a knife for Karen and I to share our meals and remembered to accommodate my friend Stephanie’s peanut allergy. Stephanie ordered the Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich – pretty interesting idea!


Baja Lobster Tacos (chilled lobster, pico de gallo, smoked jalapeño corn salsa, shredded lettuce, sliced avocado & cilantro sour cream in soft tortilla shells)

First, my foodie friend Karen and I shared an appetizer of Baja Lobster Tacos ($14). This is a Hush Signature item, meaning it’s a hot seller. This and all of our dishes came out of the kitchen without too much of a wait. I was a huge fan of this one; no complaints! I probably could have just had more of these all night.


Melrose Burger (avocado, melted jalapeno havarti cheese, field greens and grilled red onion with sun dried tomato aioli)

I ordered the Melrose Burger ($13.50). Pretty much if there’s avocado on the menu, I’ll be getting it. I probably could have had a little more avocado, but I can always have a little more avocado. Three of my dishes had avocado in them. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CHEESE. :D I also got a very generously portioned side order of salad with balsamic dressing. I split half of this burger with Karen who gave me half of hers.


El Dorado Burger (avocado, freshly made salsa, sour cream, melted mozzarella & cheddar cheeses topped with crispy tortilla strips)

The El Dorado Burger ($14.50) was originally what I intended to order before Karen and I decided to share our meals. It was the first item I saw on the menu that sold the place for me as that night’s dinner destination, and it’s also a Hush Signature item. Personally, I preferred the Melrose burger over this. It was still great and I loved the crunchiness of the tortilla strips, but it was just bland-tasting in comparison, and the brisket itself was slightly overcooked. I love freshly made salsa and there wasn’t really enough of it for me. It’s very nicely presented though. The fries were really nice and crispy.


Chocolate Caramel Souffle (a rich, moist chocolate souffle with a warm caramel centre, served with vanilla bean gelato drizzled in caramel)

For dessert, we ordered the Chocolate Caramel Soufflé ($8). It’s really hard to do justice to a dessert like this with a picture – it doesn’t look particularly enticing, but it smelled so good, and tasted just as amazing! I have an enormous sweet tooth and the chocolate + vanilla + caramel combo did just the trick. Really rich and satisfying. I think it’s safe to say any progress made during our cardio class that evening was immediately lost, and then some. Worth it. :D

This place also offers s’mores as a dessert: you get a mini campfire for your table to toast your marshmallows. It’s a really fun concept to have at a place like this, but we just weren’t into anything do-it-yourself for the evening, haha.

Overall, we all enjoyed our dinner and were satisfied with the entire experience! :)

Check out Karen’s review!

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