#11 Attend Nuit Blanche.


#11 Attend Nuit Blanche.
date completed: 05 October 2013

My friends and I attended Nuit Blanche (French for “White Night”) in Toronto this year! I’ve gone before, but it was my first time in a few years, and I wanted to make it a point to go again this year and explore. Nuit Blanche is an annual “free all-night contemporary art event” in which a bunch of art projects and installations litter the city. Bars and public transportation are open for much later hours to accommodate the influx of event-goers.

The event officially started at sunset: 6:51pm. My friends and I had dinner at REDS Wine Tavern and started our escapades into the evening around 8:30pm. I don’t know if it was our timing and/or our location, but the streets were a lot more packed than I ever remember them being for this event. Crowds, confusion, chaos are always part of the experience for such large events, but I guess I had just forgotten the extent of it!

Our first stop was to Nathan Philips Square, where we saw The rose is without why by Boris Achour (Paris, France). It was right across the big-ticket item this year, Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei (Beijing, China). We then walked directionlessly over to the indoor installation of Plastic Bags by Pascale Marthine Tayou (Ghent, Belgium), and further wandering took us to Clothesline Canopy by a lot of Canadians. There were also a lot of other different projects and installations we passed by, but we didn’t stop for everything.

With the exception of Clothesline Canopy, the above along with some others are actually extended projects, meaning they’ll be still be up and open for public gazing until October 14th or October 27th.

Unfortunately, I was super lame and had to leave early for schoolwork commitments the next day. :( It was still a great evening, but I was really looking forward to be able to stay out in the city-turned-art-amusement-park until daylight. Maybe next time… in Paris? :D

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