#09 Take a dance/fitness class.


#09 Take a dance/fitness class.

date completed: 08 November 2013

Fitness classes at Flirty Girl Fitness (580 King Street West)! This is a popular venue for bachelorette parties, particularly with their weekend workshops and pole-dance classes. They actually offer a lot of other playfully-named fitness classes, too. My friends and I decided to try the Toronto studio out after seeing a Groupon deal of $50 for 5 classes (classes are normally $25 each, all one hour long).

The place is pretty much as pink and perky as its name would suggest. It’s a girly atmosphere, but the workouts can be tough! The facilities are nice and clean, and they provide lockers, towel service, shampoo/conditioner, and hair dryers/straighteners.

I think it’s safe to say my friends and I were all super happy with our experience here! The schedule of classes they offer changes monthly and we all got to try different things. Here’s a list of the classes I took:

Sept. 20th: POLE-DANCE
Instructor: Dania

You need so much strength and control for this! This was my first time trying it and I came out sore and bruised, but it was an awesomely fun workout. The poles were either static or spinning. I used a static one and only tried a spinning one at the end of class – I think the spinning one is a lot more fun, but definitely way more dizzying. lol.

My friends and I were the only complete newbs in the class, so we practiced some climbs and basic spins while others did more advanced tricks during the first half hour of class. For the second half, the entire class learned a routine together that combined some dancing and spins.

Instructor: Felicia

I’m generally a pretty big fan of cardio workouts, and the choreography for this class is so fun! I absolutely loved it. I’ve been doing a Cardio Pump class at the Ryerson gym which has also been great, but I definitely want to get into more dance-y workouts like this one.

The first half of the class was spent doing choreography to Soca, and the second half was more of that but focused on targeting specific body parts: legs and lower body, arms, abs, and then stretching. The only equipment we used were two gel balls for an arm-toning portion that nearly DESTROYED me. The pacing of this class was great and probably my favourite.

Instructor: Michelle E

Whew, this was pretty intense! It was NOT a great idea to go out for a late lunch with beer beforehand, but somehow I managed to survive. Our instructor was pretty great in keeping us motivated, and she made sure we were always moving. My friend and I were already feeling it hard just after the five-minute warm-up.

This class is heavily cardio-based with a lot of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, jab-cross-hook-uppercut-knee-kick combinations. I’m terribly coordinated when it comes to knowing a routine and then switching sides, lol. For the last twenty minutes of class, we put boxing gloves on and got busy on some punching bags. After a few rounds, we got into lines in front of the punching bags and competed with each other doing combination work – it was a lot of fun!

Instructor: Karey

Happy 8th birthday, Flirty Girl Fitness! My friends and I got to go to this class for free as part of FGF’s birthday celebrations. There were food and drinks and a free hat to take away from the event. Yay!

This was my first time in boot camp and I didn’t really know what to expect, haha. I wouldn’t call it as “fun” as some of the other classes, but it’s definitely rewarding in what an intense workout you get. We did a lot of circuit training and alternated between cardio and strength/toning workouts. A lot of high knees, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, planks, mountain climbs, push ups, hip raises, bicep/tricep curls, and variations of things. Burpees were added onto our last set, ugghhuh, I hurt. We used a yoga mat and handweights. I didn’t come out of this the next day as sore as I was from boxing, but I think this class was more challenging for me.

Nov. 08th: POLE-DANCE
Instructor: Tara

Second time doing this – I love this class! It was also our instructor’s birthday, so it was cool of her to still come out and teach class. It ended up being more of a pole tricks class and we practiced three different spins with variations and increasing difficulty. Everyone was at totally different levels in this class, so it’s much more relaxed and accommodating than the other classes that really drill you. I like how the beginner spins are fairly easy to learn and you see so much improvement over such a short period of time.

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