End of Term @ Ryerson U

Four final papers and eighty pages later… I have completed the first term of my graduate program (and hopefully passed all my courses)! DUN-DA-RUN-DUN-DONE. For now.

Next semester, I’ll be doing three courses plus placement workshops:

IS 8922: Changing Multicultural Mosaic: Greater Toronto Area
IS 8100A: Seminar & Field Placement
IS 8904: Research Methods
IS 8902: The Settlement Experience in Canada

While I know I got frustrated a lot, I really enjoyed this past semester of school. I think it’s in the nature of anyone who goes to grad school that underneath that veneer of anger, despair, and self-loathing is a secret love and passion of your work and all of the turmoil that goes with the experience, too. I don’t know; it’s a complicated relationship that could be better articulated.

In any case, it was good to keep busy and I learned so much in such a short span of time. I just felt a little spread thin between classes, research assistant work, tutoring, and even exam invigilating whenever that came around. Reading! Research! Responsibility! REPEATREPEATREPEAT. I’m glad I got through it, but nervous that I could have managed my time and everything a little better. I’m looking forward now to having a small break and fresh start. The new term should have a lighter workload with one less class to worry about (and to have to commute to!). Hopefully I’ll have the time and mental space to make some headway on my MRP… and maybe have some semblance of a life out of school and work? :O

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my month-long winter vacation~ :)


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