Adega Restaurante

Joyce, Karen, and I went to Adega Restaurante (33 Elm Street) for a highly anticipated 1-3-5 Christmas dinner! It’s a fairly new and popular place near the Yonge/Dundas subway station, as well as the Eaton Centre and Ryerson University. There’s a certain charm to the exterior of the place (as well as the street it’s on), and I really like the classy feel of the interior. The host offered coat check, but there’s enough room (and privacy) in the booths to accommodate the three of us and all of our coats and belongings. Looking around, the general crowd was much older but it wasn’t uncomfortable or anything. Our server was extremely good, which made for a great experience!

The restaurant serves food with both Portuguese and Spanish influences. The three of us spent a long time just staring at the menu and trying to decide what to order – we wanted to try everything, haha.


courtesy of the chef

This was a nice surprise – we received a free sample complimentary of the chef. It was delicious! I don’t believe it’s on the regular menu, but it would be a great addition.


squid, piri-piri shrimp, octopus carapaccio, sardines, and gravlax

I really should have spent an extra 30 seconds to get a better angle for this shot, but I was clearly too excited to eat! The gravlax (raw spiced salmon, as Google tells me) was easily my favourite and sardines probably my least, but they were all really enjoyable.


a bouillabaisse of mussels, shrimp, clams, squid and fresh fish in a tomato broth

This is one of the restaurant’s specialty dishes, the others being octopus and lobster. It was my first time trying a Portuguese cataplana dish, and I loved it. What with the cold weather, I was in a perfect mood for this stew, and was super impressed when it arrived! I wholeheartedly recommend this dish. It’s so well presented and an enormous serving with a generous amount of seafood. The tomato broth is really pleasant and the seafood and vegetables in it were delicious. I ate too much of the bread and olives provided before our meals, and regrettably couldn’t finish everything!


5-3-1 :)

My friends and I spent a good three hours chatting and eating at this restaurant. There was a long wait between our appetizer platter and mains (as well as while ordering since we kept changing our minds about what we wanted to try, haha), but it was hardly noticeable because we were busy catching up with each other. Great place to be able to have conversation AND eat. Unfortunately, we were also so tired and full that we ended our dinner without dessert or coffee/tea – which I think was a first for us. I’d come back here to try the prix fixe or the octopus and a dessert.

See Karen’s review!

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Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and don’t climb any holiday trees~


2 responses to “Adega Restaurante

  1. Aw, love your review, Holly! It captures what I thought too! And especially about the being unable to choose what to order part. When I read “5-3-1”, I thought “blast-off!” in my head lol.

    I also agree about returning possibly to try their prix fixe and the dessert! That sounds like a good night right there already. :)

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