#13 Attend a musical or concert.


#13 Attend a musical or concert.

date completed: 18 December 2013


Aladdin: The New Musical

What better way to celebrate the end of term and start of the holiday season? *_* The Ed Mirvish Theatre is currently hosting the pre-Broadway engagement of Aladdin: The New Musical! Aladdin is one of my all-time favourite Disney films: Rajah (absent in the stage production; oh well) was my childhood dream pet and I was once Princess Jasmine for Halloween. The only other musicals I’ve seen are Rent (in Toronto) and Wicked (in Seoul), both of which I really enjoyed. So while I’m a more newbie than fanatic musicals-goer, I was extra excited to see this one. :D


Outside the Ed Mirvish Theatre!

My friends Stella, Amanda, Bernice, and I had a quick dinner at the Eaton Centre and headed to the theatre. The place was packed, especially considering it was a Wednesday evening. Despite rather mixed reviews we had heard or read, we all actually really enjoyed the musical! A lot of improvements could be made, sure, but it kept us highly entertained throughout. The sets and costumes were gorgeous (and sparkly) and I thought the set changes were great, too, though there were just a couple of errors made.

Like pretty much everyone else, I loved the genie! Such a great character with tremendous energy. The numbers “A Friend Like Me” and “Prince Ali” were my favourites, and I got chills when “A Whole New World” started. Despite being able to see the people maneuvering the props, I liked the stars, but think planets was a little too much. lol. The end of the musical and Jafar’s demise was a little anti-climactic, but I guess we all already know the story anyway and I was still pretty captivated throughout the whole thing. Glad I got to see it! :D

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look:

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