#08 Go rock climbing.


#08 Go rock climbing.

date completed: 11 January 2014

This past weekend, my friend Stella and I finally managed to cross off rock climbing on both our to-do lists. We made reservations for a one-hour $35 introductory lesson at The Rock Oasis (Suite 204, 388 Carlaw Avenue) where we ended up spending our entire afternoon. We had a few difficulties at first, especially with belaying, but it’s definitely one of those things you pick up quickly after some practice. This place also offers a coupon for free gear rental the next time you visit (with an expiry date).


The auto belay area, featuring small children showing us up with their skillful nimble rock climbing ways

As climbing partners, we both managed to work our way up the 5-7 level walls, and we both tried the auto belay walls and made half-hearted attempts at bouldering (our arms just got so exhausted so fast!). I have pretty much non-existent upper body strength, so this was a great workout. Mission accomplished.


The beginning and graceful fall of my auto belay adventure

7 responses to “#08 Go rock climbing.

      • I used to go to the old Rock Oasis location (Bathurst/Front) every week when I lived on Lakeshore. Then I went to Toronto Climbing Academy every 2-3 days after I moved to the East End, and coincidentally RO moved here too! But I already had a membership at TCA so I haven’t been to the new RO yet. But their walls are higher and more fun so I’m looking to go back soon. That was a long reply, lol, sorry.

          • I used to be decent, but since being pregnant I haven’t climbed in 2 years! :(

            True North (truenorthclimbing.com) is easier for you to get to, it’s an awesome gym. But let me know when you’re in TO to climb again! :)

          • Ahh, I’m sure you’ll pick it right back up though! :)

            Thanks for the information! And I’ll let you know when I plan to go back to the RO. :)

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