#16 Eat a BeaverTail.


#16 Eat a BeaverTail.

date completed: 13 January 2014

I actually didn’t particularly know or care about BeaverTails (fried dough pastries resembling beaver tails by a Canadian franchise) until Obama made it a big deal I needed to prepare presentations about Canada to my elementary students in South Korea. Food is always a popular topic, and I would always include BeaverTails but admit that I had never tried one. I also hate winter, don’t care about hockey, don’t have maple syrup on a regular basis, and am not Justin Bieber, so my students were skeptical that I had ever even been to Canada, much less am Canadian.

Anyway! Last week was Ryerson’s Winter Week of Welcome, and yay, the GTA BeaverTails truck was on campus on my first day back to school!


The GTA truck on campus.

There are quite a few tasty toppings they offer. I bought the original (cinnamon + sugar) for $3 and want to work my way to trying each one. Eventually! haha


Chocolate hazelnut: you are definitely next. Or triple trip. Or banana chocolate.

This (and the Salad King stand which was giving out free soup lunches!) had a long line-up, and I hurriedly took a picture and ate, making it to my first class with a few minutes to spare. Phew~!


No. 1: cinnamon + sugar

I ATE THE WHOLE THING. It completely diminished having gone to my Cardio Pump class earlier, but it was well worth it anyway. I guess I am more Canadian now, haha.

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