Holy Chuck

After finding out about La Poutine Week (February 1st – 7th), a couple of friends and I headed out to Holy Chuck (1450 Yonge Street) with the intention of indulging in their poutine special (including veal, Brie, and topped with a roasted bone marrow).


So many decisions to make!

Holy Chuck is located in a great area and just a short walk from the St. Clair subway station. It was already 1:45pm when we arrived and the place was fairly busy. After much staring at the menu with dropped jaws, we decided to order burgers and share the poutine. Unfortunately, they had already run out of the bone marrow poutine the previous night and wouldn’t be able to start serving it up again until 6pm. :(

Here’s what I ended up getting:


fudge, sea salt & fresh red chilis

This looks like your average and unassuming milkshake. It was amazing! It was so rich and creamy, and the tiny chili pieces gave it a nice occasional kick just to keep things interesting. They have a lot of delicious-sounding shakes – though I’m scared  to try their wasabi + green onion + fresh ginger combination.


panko crusted portobello mushroom stuffed with feta and cream cheese, deep fried, topped with lettuce, tomato & lemon herb aioli

The burger menu here is really overwhelming. Since my friends and I were planning to share poutine/fries, I ordered the vegetarian option which seemed like one of the lighter choices. I loved this burger. Made so well and there was so much cheese! It was such a messy eat with the cheese and toppings falling everywhere for me, haha. I didn’t eat breakfast in preparation for this meal, but three-quarters through this burger (and sipping like an inch’s worth of my milkshake) was already making me feel full!


double bacon , double cheese & fresh sautéed hot banana peppers, smothered in our raging bull gravy

My friends and I had a hilarious exchange with the friendly cashier who cautioned us against ordering this because of how spicy it is. The Bacon Bleu Cheese Fries was our second choice and sold out though, so we ended up deciding to just go with this one. We probably should have listened to the cashier though, haha. The first few bites don’t seem so bad, and then we started to struggle. It was delicious, but we probably could have used a fourth member to help clean up this dish without feeling so overwhelmed. We even used some mayonnaise to help counteract the taste. We were also curious about the “raging bull gravy” itself – my friend suggested it either is or is a lot like gochujang (Korean chili sauce), which I agree with.

Overall, despite not getting to try the bone marrow poutine, my friends and I really enjoyed our lunch and the calorie-induced food comas that ensued. I definitely know I will be back! I’d probably get the Animal Feed again just because I enjoyed it that much, and hope to try and share a dessert (if I don’t burst first). My brother has also mentioned he’d be interested in going for the Go Chuck Yourself Challenge. :O

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