This past Valentine’s Day, a group of friends and I ate at Bannock (401 Bay Street), an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant serving “Canadian comfort food”. One of my friends had been eyeing this place for a while to try the roast duck poutine pizza!


Yumminess ahead!

Bannock was pretty busy (Friday Valentine’s Day dinner) but not overwhelmingly so. The restaurant is also in a bustling area near the Eaton Centre. There were a few Valentine’s Day specials, but everyone in our group of four ended up ordering just from the regular menu.

curds, fries, duck

First, we decided to share the roast duck poutine pizza. It looks deceivingly small in the picture above, but it’s HUGE. I got a little worried that I was already starting to feel pretty satisfied after my one slice of this. This was an amazing dish and pretty much all I could imagine to want in a poutine-pizza. Four people worked out perfectly for us to share this as an appetizer. The definite must-try at this restaurant and worth the hype!

mozzarella, roasted garlic, squash mostarda, quinoa

I didn’t want anything too heavy after the duck poutine pizza and ordered a vegetarian dish as my main. It was still a large dish though, haha. I loved this dish and the great variety of flavours in it! I’m definitely becoming more and more of a quinoa fan. It’s not a heavy dish but still very filling and my friends had to patiently wait for me to try to finish off my plate.




 SO AMAZING. Dessert is almost always my favourite part of a meal and this s’mores pie definitely didn’t let me down. I’m glad I shared it with one of my friends though: it’s such a rich and dense dessert! I really wasn’t expecting such a huge portion. The gooey roasted marshmallows were perfect and I loved the mix of chocolate and fruit. Everything in this dessert worked so well together. I’m going to be thinking about this s’mores pie for a while, haha. :D

All of my friends and I definitely enjoyed our dinner at this restaurant! We were there for over three hours and didn’t even notice the time going by. The atmosphere of the place is really nice – great for a date or special-occasion group outings. We also had great and personable service. There are a couple more things on the menu I’d be interested to try – can’t wait to come back!

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2 responses to “Bannock

  1. Awww! I am glad to hear you had a lovely Valentine’s day and that you had the DIVINE S’mores pie! Wish I had gotten to celebrate it with you guys. In any case, let me know when you are planning to try Bannock again. :)

    • Yeah! It wasn’t too far away from my classmate’s anti-valentine’s day party afterwards so it worked out well. That s’mores pie was INCREDIBLE. :*) Wish you had been with us – next time!

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