Yuzu Izakaya

My friend Stella and I had a great weeknight dinner at Yuzu Izakaya (5582 Yonge Street) located at Yonge and Finch. I absolutely loved the interior of the place and the menu had a great array of delicious-sounding things to try! While this is a Japanese tapas place, this izakaya also serves up some fusion and Korean dishes.


Inside Yuzu Izakaya

The kitchen staff are super friendly and call out to greet you as you enter and leave the place. It was fairly quiet during the duration of our meal, but as more people started arriving, the one waitress on staff was noticeably very busy. She was great though and made some suggestions of their more popular menu items. We were also very pleasantly surprised with how large the servings were: we only ordered three things and were pretty satisfied with dinner!

slow braised pork belly with creamy sweet potato



This one immediately caught our eyes. I had some struggles cutting it up for Stella and I to share, but it was well cooked and delicious! Obviously it’s pretty heavy on its own as an appetizer, but worth tasting. Pork belly in my belly!

eel and avocado served on top of bokchoy



Given my love for unagi and avocado obsession, I’m pretty convinced this dish was just made for me. This is listed in the appetizer section of the menu and we were definitely not expecting to receive such a nice amount of yumminess! While I greatly enjoyed all three things that we ordered, this one was definitely my favourite and I expect to order it again when I come back. :)

seafood served with udon noodles in a hot soup



It has been completely frigid in Toronto lately, and this was a much needed comfort dish! Again, we were surprised with how large this dish was. While nothing about it particularly stand out, it was a great simple soup and perfect for having to head back out in the winter cold.

Overall, I really enjoyed this izakaya and it’s a such a quick walk from Finch station. I expect to be able to return this place sometime again and try out one or more of the salmon sashimi dishes and sushi roll platters~ :)

Yuzu Izakaya on Urbanspoon


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