Cafe Princess


My new favourite hangout

Following a delicious dinner at Yuzu Izakaya, Stella and I headed to Cafe Princess (5590 Yonge Street) just next door for desserts and coffee/tea. Located in Koreatown North, it was very much the cutesy and cozy cafe I wanted it to be after having indulged in Korea’s cafe culture over a year ago now. The decor, the couches, the music, the menu options – all worked pretty nicely together under the ‘cafe princess’ theme! :)

two choices of ice cream and fruit



We were both really curious to try this combination of mochi and waffle – it was definitely as chewy as you’d expect it to be! I enjoyed it a great deal but I’m not sure if I prefer it to regular waffles or not. In any case, this is a great dessert to share for two people (or have on your own if you’re really feeling it, which I’m sure I’d be able to do :P). We got our choice of two different flavoured ice cream scoops: green tea and cookies & cream.




I had never heard of a red tea latte before. It’s not overpoweringly sweet and the texture is gentle. At the time I just assumed it was red bean-related, but apparently it’s from Rooibos tea? I enjoyed it~


Will be here again soon!

This place also offers board games to borrow and play at the cost of $2.50. There were a mix of couples of small groups of friends chilling at this place and it was fairly quiet. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live closer to this cafe because I would definitely be gaining some major weight from all of my waffles-gluttony. :P

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