Narooe Korean Cuisine

Last Friday, I visited Narooe Korean Cuisine (5649 Yonge Street) for the first time in Koreatown North! This restaurant is among a sea of other Korean restaurants near Yonge and Finch, making it very accessible from Finch station.


the menu

One of my favourite things about Korean cuisine is how communal eating is treated, and thus a lot of dishes are meant to be shared. This particular restaurant stands out to me because they actually have ssambap (Korean barbecue with lettuce wraps) –  I haven’t seen any other Korean restaurants in Toronto/GTA offer this!


dwenjang jjigae (fermented soybean paste stew)

Lots of sides and my all-time Korean favourite, dwenjang jjigae (fermented soybean paste stew)! Eaten with rice and awesome complement for the barbecue portion of the meal.

I really didn’t take enough pictures to capture the enormity of our meal just because you really get your hands dirty with this kind of eating. :)


lettuce wraps

This is the smaller plate of lettuce leaves that came to us for wrapping up the grilled pork belly we ordered. They actually offered an entire slew of various types of leaves to definitely make the eating an exciting experience.


samgyeupsal (pork belly)

The main event: MEATTTT. Can never go wrong with samgyeupsal (pork belly)! Put this + ssamjang (yummy dipping sauce) + grilled kimchi + rice in a leaf and wrap it up into a 1-3 bite size explosion of awesome. This restaurant uses a portable grill system with canisters of gas. All that fat and grease drips out of a small opening on one end into a bowl. This was a delicious and great-value dinner (as a group of five, we paid about $17 each including tax and tip) and I could definitely see myself coming back. The shabu-shabu here also looked like a great group meal!

Narooe Korean Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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