On Thursday, I went ice skating at Nathan Philips Square for the first time ever! We decided to have dinner nearby in the Financial District first and made reservations at Italian restaurant, Mercatto (330 Bay Street).

The restaurant is beautifully laid out and decorated. Service was very efficient and courteous about interrupting conversation to inquire about how we were doing or inquiring if we were ready to order. The place was about half full when we arrived, but busy and packed by the time we left.

braised duck ragu with shaved padano



I was definitely craving pasta and decided on the pappardelle, which I had never heard of or tried before. I’m definitely a fan of the thick pasta noodles, and the braised duck was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the flavours of this dish.

dark chocolate ganache, raspberry vin brulé, toasted almonds



Dark chocolate is one of my favourite sweets, making this the definite MUST HAVE for me as soon as I saw the dessert menu. We shared this dessert but I’m pretty sure it took us twice as long to finish, lol. It’s incredibly rich and dense! I enjoyed it a lot, though part of it was still hard and difficult to break off and eat with our spoons. This dessert normally comes with toasted almonds but we informed our server of a nut allergy and they were able to accommodate.

Overall, I liked this restaurant and would consider going again if in the area. The orecchiette definitely sounds intriguing to try next~ :)

Mercatto on Urbanspoon

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