W Burger Bar

Following a great kickboxing session and run at the gym, my friend and I treated ourselves to burgers for a late lunch at W Burger Bar (10 College Street location). This burger joint/bar is at the corner of Yonge and College so I come across it every now and then when I’m on campus at Ryerson.


The Tuesday Special!

They have a different special every weekday, and Tuesday happens to be their Bison Burger Special! The bison burger is normally $10.99 on it’s own, but with the special, it’s only $9.99 with a soup/salad/fries and a pop. (Side note: Wednesdays are their Kobe Burger deal – will definitely be coming back for that!)


salad + bison burger

I got chipotle ketchup and mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes on my burger. I also paid extra to add avocado~ :) I can’t remember if I’d had bison before this, but I really can’t tell the difference between bison and beef anyhow.


the bison burger on whole wheat

In any case, this was a pretty satisfying lunch.Β This place also serves spiked milkshakes and alcoholic drinks in fishbowls which both look awesome to try. I also keep reading about how amazing their onion rings are! I enjoyed lunch here so I’d definitely stop by again.

W Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

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