Sansotei Ramen

I went for a late Wednesday dinner after class to Sansotei Ramen (179 Dundas Street West). There’s almost always a line-up outside of this place when I pass by. It was still pretty busy even at around 8:45pm!

While small and a tad cramped, I like the setup of this place. It’s very bright and lively. The service here was SUPER friendly and attentive. There was a bit of a hiccup when they mixed up my order with a girl sitting next to me, but it very quickly got sorted and all of the servers were apologetic about the mistake.

pork belly, black fungus, egg, green onion, garlic oil
with Sansotei original noodles




The most expensive item offered on their menu, this was an interesting dish and a first for me~ I actually don’t eat ramen very often because I get tired of the broth taste after a while, but I really enjoyed this one! I think the garlic really did it for me. There were two delicious slices of pork belly and an egg. The noodles and black fungus were great, though I think I actually could have used a little bit more of the noodles.

I opted for the original noodles (you can also choose either thick or thin), which was good, but I think I would have preferred them to be thicker.




Omg, this was great. I ate this dessert and all was well in my world. The price is a little steep considering the size of it, and it was kind of cold, but I had never had anything like it: the green tea cream filling was incredible!

Great first experience here :)

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