#07 Ride a Segway.


#07 Ride a Segway.

date completed: 19 April 2014

Haha, this was such a fun thing to finally get to cross off my list! I first saw a Segway watching the music video for GD&TOP’s 뻑이가요(KNOCK OUT). Since I’m too lazy to pull out the actual clip/screencap for you, here’s the whole music video: 

Come on though. Clearly this video wins just off that above screenshot.

ANYWAY, as luck would have it, Segway of Ontario was offering a 30-minute tour discounted on Groupon (sorry, deal is no longer available!). Perfecto! I nabbed a few of my girlfriends to come join me.

The timing of this couldn’t have been better now that I’ve finished my coursework for school and we’re finally getting more spring-like weather. We were first greeted by Eric, who’s a hilarious and sociable guy. After signing a waiver form and trying on helmets, we had a short introduction to our awesome tour guides, Pavel and Joseph, and the Segways themselves.

Moving around on the Segway is weight-controlled and fairly intuitive, making it pretty easy and fun to learn! We went for a spin around the Distillery District and learned about its history.


Definitely a great way to roll around and learn more about a nice section of Toronto. Segway of Ontario was great and we had such an awesome time! Their Segway Distillery Spin tour is normally $39/person + tax.

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