Angus Pho House

I had dinner on Sunday with a group of friends at Angus Pho House (5443 Yonge Street), just a short walk south from Finch station. It’s pretty small but easily recognizable by its friendly cow-cartoon character offering you a bowl of delicious pho~ The place itself is very homey and laidback and serves Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Thai-inspired dishes.

small: $6.50 || large: $7.50



I ordered a small portion of the most highly recommended item on the menu. So delicious and so filling! The broth was great and I appreciated the addition of bean sprouts, mint leaves, cilantro, and lime. I usually add a little bit of sriracha and hoisin sauce, but the broth was also really good on its own. Great value for $6.50.

The service was not always the most attentive, but they were always friendly and understandably busy. The rest of the menu sounds pretty amazing and I can definitely see myself coming back for some yummy cheap eats!

Angus Pho House on Urbanspoon

2 responses to “Angus Pho House

  1. The Angus beef rice soup looks “masarap”! By the way, Holly, what will you write about in your thesis for the masteral course? –Lolo

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