West 50 Pourhouse & Grille

A friend of mine from university celebrated her bachelorette party at West 50 Pourhouse & Grille (50 Burnhamthorpe Road West) in Mississauga! Having 20+ guests, we had a private room to ourselves which was especially great for taking a break from the dance floor later in the evening.


at the entrance inside the building

Having come in such a large group, I got to sample quite a few of friends’ food, and they were all really good! The service was a little frazzled when it came to connecting the right bills to the right people, but it was understandable considering what a large group we were and it being a Saturday night.




I started my evening with a sweet Jolly Rancher recommended by the waitress. With tons of sugar on the rim of the glass, this is a nice drink if you like your alcoholic beverages to be sweet. Coupled with champagne for a toast and a few more drinks, the girls and I started catching up to our celebrated bachelorette’s happiness level :)

in-house mix of black beans, quinoa, cremini mushrooms, chipotle; with tomato avocado salad, on brioche or lettuce “bun”



Loved this! It was a messy eat but definitely satisfying. For an extra $2, I also opted to get sweet potato fries. Having picked at the nachos of another guest at the table, I got full really fast and managed to eat only about half of this meal! The servers packed up my food and I ended up devouring the leftovers around 2am at the table as the place started to shut down. :)

This was my first time going out in Mississauga, and this place had a decent-sized crowd past midnight. Drinks at the bar were about $6.50 each. The music alternated from a live band doing cover songs and a DJ, and it was a pretty good mix! We definitely had a pretty good time here for dinner, drinks, and dancing :)

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