Following the SL10K run, Stella and I headed for brunch at Karine’s (109 McCaul Street #32), the place to go for healthy vegan and gluten-free meal options. This cute all-day breakfast really is a hidden gem located in the Village on the Grange cafeteria.



The staff here are incredibly sweet and friendly! The cashier congratulated my friend and myself on running the SL10K and recounted her lively story about having to find parking so far away due to the road closures with such infectious good spirit.

TUNA MELT with salad



Pretty much starving, I ordered an option that had meat. This was so good~ The tuna melt was enormous and messy and just what I needed. I was also especially impressed with just how fresh the vegetable and fruit selection was! Usually there are a few pieces of fruit for me that aren’t ripe/overripe, but everything was perfect. I usually find dragonfruit incredibly bland, but the dragonfruit I had here actually had a nice sweet and tangy flavour.

I also ordered tea – there’s a hot water container and you serve yourself with unlimited tea refills. There are also a nice variety of different teas to choose from!



It also happened to be Mother’s Day, and Karine’s was offering vegan and gluten-free cupcakes with a different edible flower ornamenting the top. I chose the one with orchid to take home in a container for my mommy. :) It was banana chocolate chip!

Overall, I’m pretty swept up with the charm and great food of Karine’s. The food is delicious, healthy, and very affordable. This place only accepts cash, so be mindful of that when coming for a visit. Can’t wait for my next meal here!

Karine's on Urbanspoon

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