Made in China | Wanda’s Belgian Waffles

Following a grueling workout at the Ryerson gym, friends and I stopped by Made in China (371 Yonge Street) nearby for a late weekday lunch. We were a little confused at first because the servers wore the Korean Grill House shirts of the restaurant next door, but I believe the owners are the same. The menu is also pretty eclectic offering Chinese, Korean, and Thai dishes alongside items like spaghetti.




We originally intended to do hot pot, but found out it was $23.95 and weren’t particularly in the mood for it. I went with one of the specials of the day instead. This was pretty salty and hardly spicy at all, and I kept needing to drink more water. My friends found their meals okay. On the upside, the meals here (save I guess for the AYCE hot pot option) are super cheap.

Service was okay – not particularly friendly or attentive. My friends had ordered Korean food and were served the usual side dishes, but we were surprised to learn they didn’t refill those when asked as they typically do in Korean restaurants.

Made in China on Urbanspoon

A few buildings away is Wanda’s Belgian Waffles (361 Yonge Street). The last time I had been here was a few years ago and I remember really enjoying it. I came back to indulge in something sweet~ It’s a small place with minimal decorations and a very casual atmosphere. The service was friendly and easygoing.

whipped cream and hot Belgian chocolate sauce



I really should have brought along someone to share this with, haha. It was good the first few bites, but became overwhelming for one person. I also quickly realized that having fruits really would have made a difference – will keep in mind if I come back here.

Wanda's Belgian Waffles on Urbanspoon

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