Bite Bar

Craving something sweet, a friend and I headed to Bite Bar (57 Elm Street) near Ryerson campus. Bite Bar is dessert cafe/bar serving tiny desserts from cupcakes and cheesecakelettes to marshmallow bars and macarons. There are also herbal teas, cocktails, and martinis. I really don’t know how I haven’t stumbled into this place sooner.


delicious bite-sized cupcakes~

choose 12 bite-sized cupcakes 

My friend and I decided to split a dozen “bites”. The small size really is perfect for anyone else with an insatiable sweet tooth who just agonizes over being able to only pick one dessert. I always want to try everything!

My choices are featured in the image on the left (from left, clockwise to center): Lemon Drop, PB’N J, Banana Splitz, Aye Cocoa!, Have a Mint, and Coco Nuts. I really enjoyed all of them, but the definite stand out for me was Aye Cocoa!: rich chocolate cake spiked with just the right spice and topped with a chili chocolate buttercream. I’m a huge fan of the spicy-chocolatey combination! :D

My friend was really pleased with her choices as well and particularly enjoyed the Strawberry Bite Cake (fluffy vanilla cake with strawberry puree and topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles) and C Cup (chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate chip).

black tea leaves with subtle hints of pepper, orange, cinnamon, cardamon, and clove



I loved this tea! It has a hint of spice and isn’t too strong, and has such a delicious aroma. I found that it went well with the cupcakes, too.


The Bite Guide

There is also a “Bite Club” you can join by signing up at the store or e-mailing “I BITE” to . I haven’t gotten any e-mails yet, but being part of the Bite Club gives you a complimentary bite of the month each month and other offers.

Bite Bar on Urbanspoon

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