Kekou Gelato House

After a satisfying dinner at ND Sushi & Grill, Stella and I went to Kekou Gelato House (13 Baldwin Street) just down the street for some unique dessert. Kekou Gelato House serves traditionally made gelato with uniquely Asian-inspired flavours, and it is awesome.


current menu (May 2014)

The gelato house is a short walk from St. Patrick station and located in a charming street with surrounding restaurants. Outside are a decoration of lights and a chalkboard with their current menu and flavour offerings. I’m excited to try them all!



The gelato house is tiny and minimal, having only two benches to sit if you don’t just take your gelato with you to go. The two servers were very upbeat and friendly.




For just under $4, I ordered a small cup of two flavours: spicy mango and whiskey green tea. I adored the mango with bites of spicy chili. The whiskey in the whiskey green tea was really strong and made all the more bitter by my pairing it with the spicy mango: not the smartest combination choice. Both were definitely really unique flavours though. I also sampled the Vietnamese coffee (incredible), avocado banana (this seems to be a popular one, but honestly, I was kind of hoping for more from it…), soursop (delicious), and vanilla lotus (good, though my friend was turned off by the chunks of lotus in it).

This place is already one of my favourites and I can’t wait to come back when the weather is warmer to try more flavours! :)

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