Murphy’s Law

Following a beautiful Sunday of Woofstock at Woodbine Park, we went to dinner at Murphy’s Law (1702 Queen Street East). It was really busy around 6:30pm, but since we were only two people, we managed to snag the last table in the front patio. Murphy’s Law is an Irish pub but also pretty randomly serves Thai chicken balls.

Despite it being pretty early in the evening still, we were disappointed to learn they had already run out of the pulled pork poutine, the pulled beef “Dubliner”, and the chicken tacos. Kevin ended up getting the Irish stew (very meaty and really good!) and I tried the large strawberry spinach salad.

with onion, mango, goat cheese, and sliced almonds


This was refreshing and delicious! The strawberries and mango were all really sweet and fresh. It’s pricey as far as salad goes, but I wasn’t either totally full or still hungry afterwards.

Service was a little slow and we were disappointed that so many of our first choices were no longer available, but we had a good time here. We were both pretty happy with the food and being outside on the patio was great. Good place to come to with a group of friends if the weather’s nice and you’re in the area.

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