Hana Korea

My friend and I stopped by Hana Korea (25 Baldwin Street) for dinner before our highly anticipated return to Kekou Gelato House nearby. It’s a small and humble looking restaurant with a very friendly owner and fairly high reviews on Urbanspoon. These were all very promising signs of a great meal to us, but unfortunately we were a little disappointed.

First, the side dishes. Not a whole lot in general, but lots and lots of kimchi in our side dishes! That was appreciated. This restaurant charges another $1 for more side dishes though.




My friend and I shared ddeokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) to start. The rice cakes themselves were pretty good, but the sauce was really watery making the overall taste kind of bland. I much prefer the sauce to be thick and spicy when it comes to ddeokbokki.




This menu item wasn’t on the paper menu but is featured on one of the walls and is also a recommendation from a user on Foursquare. I hadn’t had a cheese don katsu (pork cutlet) in a while and haven’t seen it offered very often in Korean restaurants in Toronto. I really like the presentation of it being served on a hot plate. I enjoyed the don katsu itself, but the was really overwhelmed with all of the cheese! There was a little bed of lettuce underneath the pork cutlets that helped, but mostly I used the kimchi from the side dishes to help cut all the denseness of the cheese for me.

Overall, I wasn’t really impressed with this place, but it wasn’t awful and they do offer some really cheap dishes. My friend thought her gamjatang (pork bone soup) was good and it happened to be on special that day.

Hana Korea on Urbanspoon


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