Great Urban Race 2014: Toronto


A couple months ago, Byron, Jocelyn, Kevin and I registered as a team through Groupon for Great Urban Race. GUR is basically a city-scale version of The Amazing Race with teams of 2-4 people solving clues and completing challenges at various locations in the concrete jungle.


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In Toronto, Race Headquarters were at Fionn MacCool’s (181 University Avenue). Our team, Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, gathered with 200+ teams and at noon, we opened up our clue envelope and began our race around the city. There are twelve different clues/locations, but each team is allowed to skip one without incurring a penalty of thirty minutes. After taking the time to solve all of the clues first and map out our route, we decided on which one we would skip and then made our way to all of the different locations, running into/with other teams along the way. We didn’t use public transportation at all and walked/jogged the whole time. Results and recap are here!

We crossed the finish line back at headquarters and were handed a piece of paper with our time. We got a water bottle, banana, granola bar and our medal and then lined up for camera check for one of the staff to check that we completed all of our challenges. We each also got a free beer~ Our team finished in 2 hours and 57 minutes, making us one of the top 25 teams and qualifying for the championship in Vancouver on August 9th! :D


Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post

This race was really well organized and a ton of fun. The volunteer staff were all super friendly and on top of things, though a few locations could have probably used a few volunteers stationed there just to direct all the teams overcrowding the place at the same time. Proceeds went to Sick Kids Hospital. Would definitely want to do this again next year! :)

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