Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

I went to the recently opened Pai Northern Thai Kitchen (18 Duncan Street) for lunch last Thursday. I had never made it out to Pai during my stay in Thailand, but Chiang Mai, also in the northern part of Thailand, had been one of my favourite destinations. I immediately loved the atmosphere of the place from the decorations (including a Spiderman figure “PAIderman”), the space, and all of the super friendly staff. The menu is short but all the dishes that past me by looked delicious :Q

Being by myself at a pretty busy time, I luckily managed to get a seat at the bar. Now on to the eats!:




For an  appetizer, I ordered the small tom yum. This is easily my favourite Thai soup and is usually a little spicy and sour. I’m awful at picking out regional varieties, but this one was sweeter than I was expecting. I loved the fragrance of the soup.




I was craving a curry and decided to get the panang beef with rice. This dish is so nicely presented! It really doesn’t look like a lot when it’s served to you, but it’s pretty filling. The peanut flavour comes out strongly in the curry, and I absolutely loved it. This definitely hit the spot in satisfying my craving.

I’d definitely come back here and drag a few friends along. There’s particularly a mango with pandan sticky rice posted on the Facebook page that I know is calling my name. I also still haven’t made it out to Sukhothai or Sabai Sabai yet!

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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