Lim Ga Ne

Lim Ga Ne (5529 Yonge Street) is one of many Korean restaurants just south of Finch subway station. It was a Sunday evening and somewhat busy when we walked by and decided to try it out!

assorted meats and vegetables prepared in hot spicy beef broth with kimchi, noodles, and rice cake in hot pot



Yummmmmy. My boyfriend and I got this dish to share and it was more than enough to completely stuff us. This dish also had tofu, hot dogs, and SPAM of all things. Finding spam in this dish really made us nostalgic about our time in Korea, haha. I really enjoyed this dish and thought it had just the right amount of spiciness in the broth and various things mixed in it to keep things interesting.

I love Korean food and was really happy with this place! I was initially a little confused that the servers didn’t seem to be paying attention to us but then realized there’s a button (located either on the table or on the wall next to the table) to call for their attention – I was surprised to finally see this at a restaurant outside of Korea! For an even more authentic and traditional experience, there are a few tables on an elevated platform as well where you can remove your shoes and sit on the floor to enjoy your meal.

Lim Ga Ne Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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