Cut the Cheese

My friend, boyfriend, and I ran the Thyroid Cancer Canada 10k in High Park (sooo much uphill/downhill!) last weekend and headed out with the intention of grabbing burritos for a well-deserved lunch.

We stumbled on Cut the Cheese (2901a Dundas Street West) first and decided gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and/or mac ‘n’ cheese would be equally unhealthy and thus worthy of the state of our appetites.

Really though, I just saw the sign on the street photographed above and insisted I must have it.

THE CARTEL (grilled cheese)
house-made guacamole & corn, roasted chicken, banana peppers, jalapeño havarti



Kevin ordered The Cartel on sourdough bread when I pointed out it had guac. :) The sandwiches themselves are tiny, especially considering the cost, but they are well made. This one had a nice kick of spiciness to it and each bite felt really satisfying.

THE VOLTRON (grilled cheese)
deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese with roasted veggies
between a classic grilled cheese




I was too excited to bother taking a better picture. I also got my grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough and it was deeeelicious. It was a messier, greasier eat and I loved all the cheese. I felt like it was missing a little something to the flavour though, and maybe I should have opted to add the bacon bits for an extra $1.50. Such a pricey sandwich though! Nonetheless, I really enjoyed trying both sandwiches and was neither still hungry or full enough afterwards.

SOUTHERN COMFORT (mac ‘n’ cheese)
deep fried buttermilk popcorn chicken, roasted bell peppers,
sautéed corn, banana peppers, emmental cheese




My friend Hellen opted for the most expensive item on the menu. She got full pretty quickly from this and let us help her finish it, haha. The popcorn chicken was great! While the mac ‘n’ cheese I thought was also good, I definitely preferred the grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cut The Cheese on Urbanspoon


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