Summerlicious 2014: Copa Cabana


Round 4 of Summerlicious! My family and I went to Copa Cabana (150 Eglinton Avenue East) for meat, meat, and more meat. Copa Cabana is a Brazilian rodizio where the servers come around with their knives and different kinds of meat on skewers and cut you a serving. Check out their Summerlicious menu ($35 dinner). This also includes “unlimited trips to the Galleria buffet for a selection of appetizers including fresh salads, sauteed items, freshly baked breads and Chef’s hot daily creations such as mussels, fried cassava, Brazilian rice and beans, and much more”.


My meat-less plate

Obviously I recommend getting mostly light salads to complement the meats… but I couldn’t resist getting mac and cheese, and I don’t regret it!

Drink: CAIPIRINHA (Summerlicious 2014 drink feature)
Brazil’s national drink, Cachaca, muddled lime and sugar



I also ordered a drink which I really enjoyed! There was a little much sugar for me left at the bottom, even though I mixed it a lot. Loved all the limes though!

And now for the main event:

I had been to a Brazilian place in South Korea where there was a green-card/red-card system: green meant the servers would come around to offer you more meat, flipping the card over to red meant you didn’t want anymore. This place brought meat skewer to our table, informed us what the meat was, and then asked if anyone would like some.

Try as I might, there was really no way I was actually going to be able to taste all of the different types of meat. The beef ribs and Picanha Brazil (signature steak) were stand outs for me though. The top sirloin and flank steak came to us most often. I also remember getting the steak rub, parmesan filet mignon, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, garlic steak sirloin, pork sausage, parmesan chicken, and lamb. Service was fast and a little overwhelming (not a bad point, I just couldn’t eat as fast and as much as I would like!). I find it so hard to pace myself properly at Brazilian barbecues and still want to eat meat.

I had the warm corn bread, a cheese ball, cinnamon roasted pineapple, and deep fried banana for dessert. Only the pineapple and banana came for the end of our meals; the other were I guess more palate cleansers for subsequent rounds of meat. Service was amazing: despite the place starting to get busy (our reservation was at 4:30pm which was still really low-key, but the place was really picking up just an hour afterwards, and with the World Cup final happening), we were asked by a couple of servers if we wanted anything else and the pineapple that we were all highly anticipating was immediately brought to us. SO GOOD. I have to say though, I thought the deep friend cinnamon-sprinkled bananas stood out more to me! :Q

I enjoyed this place and am glad we came here! Regular Sunday to Thursday dinners are $37.99 so you’re not saving a vast amount by coming here for Summerlicious. Good place to treat yourself though as long as you’re able to strategize properly beforehand, haha.

Copacabana Grilled Brazilian - Rodizio Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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