Windup Bird Cafe

Exploring Kensington Market a bit, I happened upon Windup Bird Cafe (382 College Street). The cute and quirky cafe promotes “locally sourced cuisine with an international flavour”. I like the name of the place and its decorations (especially the flying bird decals all over the walls!) and decided to have dinner there.



Even the tables are really pretty and have a beautiful tiny arrangement of fresh flowers. I was served some refreshing strawberry infused water as I looked over the menu and decided on what I’d be having:

with blackbird bread



Delicious, and I absolutely adore the presentation of it served on a board. I usually go for more adventurous or unique choices when I visit a restaurant for the first time, but I saw smoked salmon on the menu and just really started craving it. The portion was enough for me to feel satisfied but still have just enough space to allow for dessert and not feel overly bloated. :)




This was a great dessert and not too heavy! The cake had a lot of flavour and the fruits were a fresh complement to it.

Despite not having a lot of customers, things were a little hectic with the staff preparing for a block party at 6 pm. I had walked in at 5:15 pm, so it was crunch time (and also the beginning of their switch from lunch/brunch to dinner menu). They were very friendly and repeatedly apologized that this wasn’t like a normal day for them, so I appreciated that. I had to go back to my placement for a meeting, otherwise I would have definitely liked to stay out on the patio with a drink to enjoy the party and live music. The menu had a lot of delicious-sounding items to try, and even a few Korean-inspired ones. I really like how personable this place is and seems super active in hosting a lot of events!

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4 responses to “Windup Bird Cafe

  1. Got quite excited reading this as thought bit was a cafe in Kensington London I hadn’t heard of before….
    Looks lovely but think I won’t be popping in any day soon!

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