The Gabardine

A belated montheversary date night was spent at The Gabardine (372 Bay Street) on Wednesday evening. The Gabardine (or The Gab) is a gastropub serving up familiar dishes with new twists. My boyfriend and I had actually planned to go here back on our very first date, but it was already fully booked! (We went to Mercatto instead.)

This time, I had no problem booking our reservation for 6:30 pm just a few days beforehand. The place was already fairly packed though, and only continued to get busier. The small space and large number of people made it fairly loud so my boyfriend and I were somewhat shouting at each other to speak to each other. I’m sure others were doing the same which only increased the overall loudness of the place, haha.



We were given menus and pored over our choices of “fine grub and libations”. After hearing some of our server’s recommendations, we decided to share an appetizer and sandwich:

with celeriac and apple remoulade, sunflower seeds & crispy jerusalem artichokes



All of the appetizers sounded really exciting to us, but we eventually narrowed down our choices to the rabbit rillettes and the smoked trout. This was eventually decided by a coin flip, haha. And it was a great choice! There were so many different things going on in this salad and yet it all came together so well. It was my first time trying smoked trout and I expected something like smoked salmon, so I initially thought it looked dry when it came out. It wasn’t though and the smoked flavour was nice and strong.

It was really refreshing and pretty light, which actually ended up making it a perfect counterpart to our super-fried and heavy sandwich!

with butter lettuce, tomato relish & aioli with choice of fries or greens



The po’boy was one of our server’s recommendations. Note that a shrimp version is offered during lunch time. We both really enjoyed this! It’s a fun, messy eat. The fish was delicious and the sauce, sweet. The sauce did get a little overpowering at times and drenched the bread and our hands. There is a choice between a side of mixed greens and fries, and the fries were great!

We were pretty stuffed after this and didn’t end up having dessert. Overall, service was definitely excellent and timely. We were also immediately given two smaller plates to make sharing easier. As mentioned, the place is a little small for the number of tables and people it holds, making conversation a little difficult at times when the place is crowded and bustling. This is also noticeable in walking down the aisle to get to and from the restrooms. This didn’t detract too much from the experience though as the food was delicious. :) I’m glad we finally got to try this place out! The rest of those appetizers and their famed mac and cheese look like future items to try.

And for those wondering, a gabardine is “a firm, tightly woven fabric of worsted, cotton,polyester, or other fiber, with a twill weave”. Stylin’. 

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