Cafe Crêpe

After dinner at Red Tomato, my friends and I set out on a mission to find a dessert place still open at 9:45pm on a Tuesday night. We managed to get to Cafe Crêpe (246 Queen Street West) for some sweets before they closed for the night. Cafe Crêpe is a French cafe/bistro offering sweet and savoury crêpes and paninis, as well as a selection of teas, coffees, and beers. It’s located just a short walk west from Osgoode station.



We moved booths after we noticed the A/C dripping on us. It was fairly lively and a bit busier than we had expected it to be. Each of us ordered our own crêpe. I almost immediately decided on the following:

with cinnamon
$5.75 + $0.35



So delicious! It’s deceptively filling and was actually a satisfying dessert for a sweet tooth like mine. A little unimpressive-looking in presentation, but the crêpe was pretty much exactly what I was craving. Extra toppings ran from $0.35 to $2.65 and included nuts, fresh fruit, Nutella, ice cream, and even rum. Next time I think I’d want to go more all out with my topping choices and share with a friend – I mean come on, a spiked crêpe?! :D One of my friends added coconut and the crêpe was completely stuffed – good value! The savoury food options also sounded tasty. I’d also want to try coming back on a Wednesday or Thursday night for their $4 pints! :)

Cafe Crepe on Urbanspoon


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