25 for 25: An Update

Tomorrow I turn 26! As some of you know, I’ve been working on a list of 25 things to do at 25 the past year. Here is an update on my progress:


Start Date: 01 October 2013
End Date: 30 September 2014 …soon!

01. Get a Master’s degree. graduation ceremony in mid-October!
02. Have no student debt.
03. Learn to ski or snowboard.
04. Run a half-marathon. signed up for late October!
05. Skydive. done; blog post coming soon!

06. Re-decorate my room. started last year and haven’t continued; must do!
07. Ride a Segway.
08. Go rock climbing.
09. Take a dance/fitness class.
10. Volunteer at an event, festival, or organization.

11. Attend Nuit Blanche.
12. Attend a TED talk.
13. Attend a musical or concert.
14. Tour the city on a Bixi bike. hopefully before winter time!
15. Visit another city in North America.

16. Eat a beavertail.
17. Eat at The Black Hoof.
18. Try a cuisine I’ve never tried before.
19. Eat at a gourmet chocolate fondue place. done; blog post coming soon!
20. Cook or bake something my family will actually eat. done a few times now :D; need to remember to take pics though!

21. Watch Breaking Bad. done; blog post coming soon!
22. Make a loan through Kiva.
23. Finish my scrapbook of my first year in South Korea. haven’t touched it :|
24. Leave inspirational messages or quotes on sticky notes in public bathrooms, books, or places. (partially) done; blog post coming soon!
25. Take a picture of all of the above. partially done!

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