Khao San Road

Last year, I had traveled to Thailand and with a friend and she recently came to Toronto to visit me. Craving Thai food, I decided to take her to Khao San Road (326 Adelaide Street West) before going to see The Book of Mormon at the nearby Princess of Wales Theatre. I’ve tried to dine at Khao San Road before but it was always too busy every time I stopped by! Knowing this, we arrived just a few minutes after their dinner opening time at 5pm on a Sunday evening. The place had just opened but was already starting to get busy when we arrived. Thankfully though, we were immediately seated at one of the communal long tables. I’m a little short so the seats at the long table were a little uncomfortably high for me, haha.


Inside, view from sitting at a long table

We both liked the atmosphere of the place and found the wait staff really friendly. It didn’t really take too much looking at the menu to decide what we both wanted to order. I got a Thai iced tea to start:

tea and condensed milk



This was really rich and delicious, though a little too sweet even for me. I would order it again though, but definitely to share because it’s pretty massive. My friend was never a huge fan of Thai iced tea but had a few sips as well.

panang curry, red bell pepper, hot green pepper, fresh kaffir lime leaf,
thai basil, coconut milk




I ordered the spicy Panang Curry (3 on their scale). I like the presentation of it! The tofu and veggies were great, too. The curry itself was flavourful though I actually didn’t really find it spicy. Overall, I found it to be a good dish though not particularly a stand out or anything. Unfortunately, I also started feeling nauseous after my meal and I’m not sure whether it was from the iced tea or the curry. :| My friend had the Pad Thai which she enjoyed but wasn’t blown away by either (no stomach issues though!). I think maybe we just came in with expectations that were too high?



Service was pretty attentive and timely, and the food was good despite the pair of us having higher expectations. Even though I felt a little sick afterwards, I liked this place but also enjoy other Thai restaurants in and near Toronto without having to worry as much about waiting for seats at a table. I would also love to see a dessert menu.

Khao San Road on Urbanspoon


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