Epicure City Mt. Fuji

After spending some time at Ryerson, I went for a dinner by myself at Epicure City Mt. Fuji (72 Gerrard Street West). This place has generally great reviews on UrbanSpoon and Yelp about the fresh sushi and sashimi it serves up. The restaurant is quiet, cozy, and very pleasantly decorated. There were only three other customers eating when I arrived. I took a seat at the bar where the sushi chef did his work in the open. The waitress was really friendly and worked well with the chef as a team to attending to everyone.

I definitely wanted to try a sushi or sashimi dish. The menu consisted of a mix of Japanese and Korean dishes, and probably the most unique item infused the two in the form of the sweet and spicy sashimi bibimbap.

in a bowl of warm rice topped with chopped fresh sashimi, spring vegetables, sesame oil, and sweet and sour spicy sauce



Japanese style sashimi and Korean style bibimbap! The $17 meal came with miso soup which was delicious. The menu states you can request that they mix the sashimi bibimbap for you, but I did it myself putting in close to 3/4s of the sauce that must have been a combination of gochujang and a bit of a sweeter sauce. This was pretty much what I was expecting the dish to taste like, and while I enjoyed it, I do think I enjoy sashimi and bibimbap separately more than together. There was actually quite a generous amount of sashimi in the bowl – I don’t think the pictures above really do it justice. The vegetables were nice and fresh. I didn’t realize until later that the menu actually states the bibimbap includes an omelette which did not in fact appear! I can’t actually decide if I would have liked this more with or without the egg though.

It is a bit pricier than your typical sushi place, but the atmosphere was peaceful and the service was friendly. The food was great, though I think I’ll be trying straight sushi and sashimi next time.

Epicure City Mt Fuji on Urbanspoon

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