#19 Eat at a gourmet chocolate place


#19 Eat at a gourmet chocolate fondue place.

date completed: 31 August 2014

This was completed on Day 13 of my Portugal/Spain adventure! On the recommendation of a fellow traveler, I visited a place called chök, cocina del chocolate (chocolate kitchen), in Barcelona for their chocolate-dipped churros (err, so it counts as gourmet chocolate fondue? If not, there was also a place I visited in Quebec City earlier this year!).

This place is located just north of Boqueria Market on a corner. It was recommended to me by a fellow traveler and chocolate-lover I met during my stay in Barcelona.

I tried some of the hot chocolate which was deliciously rich and thick. The cronuts seemed to be quite popular among other tourists during my brief stay here, though it was never too busy. Everything looks so good and beautifully crafted though! The salami chocolate looks incredibly dense :O

Chocolate and sweets everywhere! *_* I would have obviously loved to try everything, but I exercised some restraint. Check out their chocolate noodles and chocolate beer!

Happiness! I absolutely had to try a chocolate-dipped churro and I decided to get a chocolate-coconut-dipped marshmallow, too. The marshmallow was pretty much exactly how I expected it to be like, but the churro completely amazed me. So rich and so chocolatey! I mean, I pretty much knew I would love it, but it still surprised me just how awesome it was! :D

Absolutely yummmmy. I know I’m using a lot of extreme descriptive words in this post, but I totally believe my experience here warrants it, haha.

Website: chokbarcelona.com
Instagram: @chokbarcelona
Twitter: @chockbarcelona
Facebook: facebook.com/chokbcn

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