Rhapsody Continental Cuisine

My boyfriend and I had dinner at Rhapsody Continental Cuisine (10150 Yonge Street), a family-operated restaurant specializing in Hungarian cuisine way up in Richmond Hill. We were walking up Yonge Street from the Richmond Hill Public Library when we noticed musicians setting up in the front window. Rhapsody does live music on Friday and Saturday nights!


The interior is very nicely decorated, especially the little backroom where we were seated. There’s a cozy feel to it.


We had some water and were given bread to start.


We then ordered two mains to share:

Palma’s special home creation from the old country;
served with potatoes and sour cream




No doubt the dishes are pricey, but the portions are generous. The cabbage rolls, which were stuffed with meat, were quite large! The addition of the potatoes and sour cream made this an unexpectedly heavy dish on its own. We both really enjoyed it.

veal stew seasoned with sauerkraut and cooked with rice



Unfortunately, neither of us could really get the correct pronunciation of this dish! Though I loved both of the mains that we ordered, I enjoyed this one a little more. The veal stew was deliciously seasoned and the rice was great. You also have the option of getting this goulash with nokedli, a kind of small dumpling, which I’ve never had before but Kevin isn’t a fan of based on his travels in Europe.

On his way back from the washroom, Kevin read a newspaper article they had posted on one of the walls which suggested asking for paprika to add to the dishes. When Kevin asked our server, he told us they only add paprika to the other goulash… I’m not sure if there was a misunderstanding!

We finished up the cabbage rolls and got the remainders of our szegedi goulash to go in a take-out container. Lastly, we shared a dessert:

a Hungarian favourite;
seven layer vanilla cake with chocolate cream in between, caramelized sugar top




Super sweet! The cake itself was a little dry, but there was a ton of chocolate cream. It was a good dessert for us to share and finish off our Hungarian dining experience.

I really enjoyed dinner here! Quite the unexpected gem in Richmond Hill. The live music was nice and we were seated in the back room where it never got too loud or distracting for us. The food was new for me and very hearty. Rhapsody also offers coupons for some weeknights.

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