Hakata Ramen Sho Ryu Ken

Following a night of Halloween festivities, Kevin and I had lunch at Hakata Ramen Sho Ryu Ken (5321 Yonge Street), a newly opened and small-ish ramen place in North York. The restaurant is about halfway between Finch and North York station on Yonge Street. They still had their Grand Opening sign up as well as Halloween decorations. There was a sign that those in a Halloween costume would receive 10% off – wish we had known beforehand!

Hakata ramen, Wikipedia informs me, “originates from Hakata district of Fukuoka city in Kyushu”. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to actually tell you anything about the regional varieties and nuances of ramen (served in Toronto or elsewhere), but one of the distinguishing features of this particular ramen is that it’s got Street Fighter characters endorsing it (kind of). The art pieces have the likes of Chun Li, Ryu, and Honda from the franchise with bowls of ramen ready to do battle.

Kevin and I were also ready! We got two different ramens to try:




I ordered the black tonkotsu ramen on his recommendation. So good! The chasu was so soft and flavourful, and I also enjoyed the seaweed. I’ve only had this black garlic oil type of ramen once before and declared myself a fan, and this dish solidified that. There’s just such a satisfying depth of flavour in black tonkotsu dishes! You can see a lot of oil in the broth, but it wasn’t as thick or as loaded with saltiness as I’ve experienced at other ramen places. The noodles were slightly undercooked for me, and it comes with less ingredients (though you can choose to add them on for more money) than other ramens I’ve had, but it was super tasty.




Kevin ordered the Red Hot Tonkotsu, which he shared with me. I think I actually enjoyed this more than the Black Tonkotsu, even though I really liked both! I liked being able to mix in as much of the red pepper paste as I wanted to add a nice level of zing. Again, the chasu melted perfectly in my mouth and for whatever reason the noodles seemed better for me in this dish.

I really like this place! The ramen here is a little pricier and smaller-sized compared to those in other ramen places though. To be fair, even the smaller-size portions served here were too big for me! I was keen to try some of their mochi ice cream (four different flavours: vanilla, green tea, red bean, mango) for $2.50 but was way too full after the ramen. A nice place for a satisfying ramen meal in North York.

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