Sandwich Box

My friend Jackie came to visit Toronto and told me about a place her sister-in-law raves about called Sandwich Box (67 Richmond Street West) in the Financial District. Sandwich Box offers sandwiches, soups, and salads under the philosophy of providing fresh and healthy food. There are a total of five different locations of Sandwich Box in Toronto. Our main draw to this place is being able to custom-make your own sandwich: you pick a bread type, a spread, and any three toppings (though only one meat topping unless you’re willing to pay more) for $9.50. Check out their online menu for an idea of what they offer.


It was around 2pm when we came by and luckily pretty empty. We were two of only a handful of customers and were able to get a table. I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich sandwich with organic baby spinach, goat cheese, and sundried tomato spread on an olive bread.

I didn’t realize at the time that the sandwich box also came with a nice salad; otherwise I don’t think I would have gotten more spinach on my sandwich. All of the ingredients were definitely fresh though and I loved every bite of the sandwich! I had never had olive bread before and really enjoyed it. The salad was also nice and refreshing. They were out of the avocado and chipotle mayo for me while I was there, and there was at least one thing Jackie wanted that they also didn’t have. We were still pretty happy with the our sandwich end results though!

I know it’s a quality gourmet artisnal sandwich, and it is a delicious and satisfying sandwich and salad combo, but I don’t think I could see myself paying $9.50 plus tax on the regular for it. Good once in a while though and especially if you tend to be particular about your food. I definitely like being able to customize the sandwiches and they offer a great variety of ingredients to mix and put together (provided they haven’t run out of them, haha).

Sandwich Box on Urbanspoon


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