Seven Lives

This year, Ryan and I were invited to join Kevin, Jocelyn, and Byron on their Second Annual Foodie Adventure: eating at six places in Toronto in six hours. Definitely a challenge fit for any determined foodie! We live-documented our food run on Instagram using the hashtag #SAFA2014TO on Sunday, November 9th.


01. Seven Lives
(69 Kensington Avenue)

Kevin, Jocelyn, Byron, and I kicked off our adventure at a tacos joint I had been eager to try for a long time. Seven Lives specializes in seafood tacos (though has other food options) and is a pretty popular place in Kensington Market. It gets crazy busy here, so we made it our first stop and arrived at around 12:20pm. There were already a few people in line but we definitely got our orders in before peak time.

This place only takes cash and the prices on their menu already include tax. Generally, the idea of this SAFA thing would be that we order and share only one or two items on the menu of each place. There would still be five places to visit after this one, and we could not fail our mission! We were so hungry though and the tacos looked small enough so we each ordered our own and shared with each other.

We found the staff pleasant and I really enjoyed the feel and art of the place (which also features a framed and signed cover of Toronto’s very own comic superhero, The Pitiful Human-Lizard). It’s absolutely tiny but we managed to split up and get the two tables and four chairs outside at the front. Then the feasting began!

lime marinated seafood of the day



Slightly more expensive (but with a lot more stuff) than the tacos, I ordered the ceviche with two tostadas. SO MUCH CEVICHE. The lime and cilantro seasonings are strong which I liked. And yay, guacamole! Also, I normally don’t pay much attention to tortilla shells, but these tostadas were so deliciously fried and crunchy!

battered and deep fried cod fish fillet



The first thing I was surprised to see was the double layering of tortillas! Probably to handle just how much is stuffed in these tacos. Kevin also added a bit of the medium salsa. The fish was nicely deep fried – the crunch was there, but I could still savour the soft fish! However, Kevin and I agreed the other two tacos we tried stood out a lot more.

grilled with a dry rub of spices



Jocelyn’s order took the longest to come out, and it was so delicious! Loved the grilled fish taste with the pico de gallo. The soft corn tortilla could barely handle all of the contents and it became a bit of a messy eat by the time I got to it, haha.

smoked tuna, shrimp, and cheese



Definitely their most popular item on the menu, Byron ordered The Gobernador with a bit of mild salsa. This taco really didn’t disappoint! The smoked tuna and shrimp combination was amazing. This also got to be a messy and delicious eat.

I am hungry again just recounting our experience here. I loved Seven Lives and am definitely curious to try their other taco choices, like spicy octopus and mushroom & cactus. They also offer three types of self-serve salsa on the pick-up counter to go with your tacos: mild (pasilla chiles and roasted tomato), medium (jalapeño and tomatillo), and hot (habanero and roasted garlic). I think 2-3 tacos here would be a good meal for me, and at $5 each, it’s not that cheap but also not too expensive for the quality.

All in all, this taquería stop was a strong start to the Foodie Adventure! We left with our appetites well whetted and ready for more.

The Second Annual Foodie Adventure stops:

01. Seven Lives
02. The Grilled Cheese
03. Come and Get It
04. Superfood Eateries
05. Pamier Kabob
06. Bacon Nation

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