Come and Get It

This year, Ryan and I were invited to join Kevin, Jocelyn, and Byron on their Second Annual Foodie Adventure: eating at six places in Toronto in six hours. Definitely a challenge fit for any determined foodie! We live-documented our food run on Instagram using the hashtag #SAFA2014TO on Sunday, November 9th.

03. Come and Get It
(676 Queen Street West)

Our next stop was finally out of Kensington Market and a longer walk west on Queen Street. Having our Foodie Adventure on a Sunday was a little difficult in that a lot of places we would have liked to try were closed. At this point, our original intention was to dine at Smoque N’ Bones, but we instead popped in at Come and Get It for brunch. It was past 2pm and we had already just eaten some tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches, so it felt a little bit like going backwards ordering from a brunch menu!

Come and Get It was once pop-up shop and has since expanded to become a sandwich shop, bar, and breakfast & brunch restaurant. Brunch is served every weekend and includes a pretty creative variety of food options. The place was fairly empty when we arrived and still not too busy by the time we left. We picked out two dishes to split between the five of us.

pulled beef short rib, potato hash, poached egg, chipotle hollandaise



The pulled beef with the egg and that hollandaise was delicious! I like that this dish came on a bed of some greens to balance this meat-and-potatoes-heavy dish. This was such a satisfying dish with a great combination of ingredients and so deliciously well-presented as well. Just look at how beautiful it is! *_*

comes with salad, egg and hollandaise



This was one of the brunch specials for the weekend! The hoisin sauce and crêpe made it slightly sweet. The portion is quite a bit smaller than the short rib hash. Like the previous dish, the crispy onions on the egg with hollandaise sauce were a nice brunch-y touch. The salad had a little bit too much dressing for me, but was otherwise a great complement to have.



I tried a bit of the garlic sauce (pictured in the middle) with the short rib hash but didn’t taste much of a difference. Honestly though, the dishes are already pretty flavourful on their own and I didn’t feel the need to try out the other hot sauces. A nice place for brunch, though I’d definitely come back to try the sandwich and snack bar options they’re more well-known for. The brunch items were pricey but unique and tasty and definitely worth the value. Our lone server took the time to tell us more about the dishes. A satisfying third stop on our Foodie Adventure – I was starting to get pretty full! I was a little relieved our next stop would be much lighter.

The Second Annual Foodie Adventure stops:

01. Seven Lives
02. The Grilled Cheese
03. Come and Get It
04. Superfood Eateries
05. Pamier Kabob
06. Bacon Nation Come and Get It on Urbanspoon

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